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Czytając Dawcę Lois Lowry myślałam o niezwykłym darze pamięci, o jej wpływie na tożsamość człowieka. Postanowiłam wtedy napisać do Autorki z pytaniem, czy zgodzi się na wywiad dla Czytelników mojego bloga. Oto czym się z nami podzieliła :)

Lois Lowry dla CzytamyRazem.pl

Have you ever been in such a place like the world where Jonas lives?

My father was a military officer and so I lived on various army posts, which had the same kind of strictly organized structure as the community in the book. Of course the book carries it to a greater extreme.

Have you ever met people like the Elders?

I have certainly known groups of governing people—often older people who are assumed to have some acquired wisdom. I have myself served on Boards of Directors which I think can be equated in a way with the Council of Elders.

What was the first impulse to write The Giver?

My father was getting old and his memories were slipping away. I began to think a great deal about memory: its function in our lives. I think that was the original trigger for the writing of THE GIVER.

How could you describe the most important feeling during creating process of this book? (I mean: warning message for adults, the joy that our world is different or maybe it’s not? ;))

At the start of the writing, my interest was only in telling an intriguing and suspenseful story.  As the book progressed I began aware that it was, in fact, a cautionary tale.

You seem to say: „memories are a force, they determine identity” – have you ever met such a person, who had lost everything becouse he (or she) lost all his/her memories?

I metnioned my father earlier. Probably we all know people who, in old age, suffer from memory loss and for whom, in a way, life becames much simpler.

I noticed that you love the language, not only in this book – the famous (and frightening…) „precision of language” or adding more syllables to the name when the hero gets older. Where is the source of your applying such importance to the language?

I have always been fascinated by language and have enjoyed playing with it, and have scolded children (including my own) for its occasional  mis-use.  The study of language was always my favorite course in school. I am troubled, today, when I receive emails from young people who seem to have no interest in precise lanuage… or even in punctuation.

The Giver is a man with books and the knowledge – can you tell us about a person, who showed you the world of books and the joy of reading?

I lived with my grandparents during WW II when my father was off in the Pacific. My grandfather, a lawyer and bank president, was a very scholarly and literary man. There was a wall of bookcases filled with leatherbound books in their home… it intrgued me; and sometimes Grandfather would take out a book of poetry and read to me. I can still hear his voice in my memory.

Reading is…? :)

…an essental part of my life.

Asher, Fiona, Jonas, the Giver – who was the hardest to describe and why?

The Giver was the most complex of those characters; and for a writer, a complex character is always the most demanding as well as the most interesting.

The title of my blog is “We’re reading together” – do you like reading aloud to someone you love and talk about read words?

I have, in the past, read to my children; more recently, to my grandchildren.  I also, while driving long distances, listen to recorded books. It is a little like being read to. Of course you can’t talk to the voice on the tape!

Thank you for your time and all the inspirational words :)

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